Republic of Cyprus
Directorate General Growth, Ministry of Finance

Cyprus Economy and Competitiveness Council

Implementing the Recommendation of the Council of the European Union for setting up national productivity councils in euro area Member States to systematically monitor and analyze developments and policies in the area of productivity and competitiveness, thereby contributing to the promotion of a stable and inclusive growth for the Cypriot economy, the government of Cyprus has proceeded with the establishment of the Cyprus Economy and Competitiveness Council by the Council of Ministers’ Decision no. 85.108 dated 13/6/2018.

Secretariat of the Council is carried out by the Directorate for Competitiveness and Growth of DG EPCD, on the basis of the above mentioned decision of the Council of Ministers. More information on the composition, role and work of the Council can be found here.

Cyprus Competitiveness Report

With a view to systematically monitoring and benchmarking the competitiveness of the Cypriot economy based on international standards and indicators, the 1st Competitiveness Report for Cyprus is being developed. The preparation of the 1st Report, funded by the European Commission's Structural Reform Support Programme (SRSP), has been awarded through a competitive procedure to the internationally renowned ECORYS consulting company.

Both the competent authorities of the state and stakeholders from the general public and the private sector contribute to the formulation of the Report, in order to present as much as possible the existing situation, the weaknesses, as well as the comparative advantages and the prospects of enhancing competitiveness in the specific sectors of the Cypriot economy.

The responsibility for the annual preparation / updating of the Competitiveness Report was held by the Cyprus Economy and Competitiveness Council in June 2018. The Report will be a tool for the Council to analyze and formulate policy recommendations on competitiveness issues.

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