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International Economic Relations

The Directorate General for European Programmes, Coordination and Development (DG EPCD) is responsible for the conclusion and follow up of the Agreements for Economic, Industrial, Scientific and Technical Cooperation between the Republic of Cyprus and other countries. These Agreements are usually signed by the Minister of Finance or his representative.

For each signed Economic Agreement, an Intergovernmental Committee (consisting of representatives from both countries) is set up, according to the relevant Article of the Agreement. The Committee has meetings/sessions in the two countries alternatively, to discuss matters regarding the promotion of bilateral cooperation and to review their economic relations. These Committee meetings are chaired, on the part of the Cypriot Side, by the Minister of Finance or the Director General of DG EPCD. At the end of each Intergovernmental Committee Meeting, both Sides signed a Protocol where all agreed issues are recorded.

It is noted that the issue of convening Economic Intergovernmental Commission meetings is under review, particularly regarding the Commission Meetings with EU countries, where economic and other relations between Cyprus and those countries are governed by the Acquis Communautaire.

Press here for the List of countries that Cyprus has signed Economic Agreements.

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