Republic of Cyprus
Directorate General for European Programmes, Coordination and Development

At a Glance

The main responsibilities of DG EPCD is the drafting of national policy on research and innovation (R & I) within the vision of the government and policies of the European Union as well as the preparation of national strategies for strengthening and upgrading of R & I. Furthermore, DG EPCD is responsible for overseeing the work of the Research Promotion Foundation (RPF) and the implementation and monitoring of the implementation of the Strategy by the RPF. It is noted, that the RPF is the executive arm of the R & I with core competence preparation of projects and funding under the priorities of the Strategy. DG EPCD provides the budget of RPF and it has the responsibility for the oversight of this budget. Moreover, the DG EPCD has the responsibility for monitoring the budgets of Institute of Neurology and Genetics and Institute of Cyprus. Also key responsibility of the DG EPCD is to coordinate for their contribution in the preparation of the Partnership Agreement and the Operational Programmes for the finance R & I from the European Structural Funds and Investment.

Equally important task and responsibility of DG EPCD is to monitor and participate in the formulation of European policy in the fields of R & I through both European Bodies (Competitiveness Council, Research Working Group, ERAC) and via ad-Hoc sectoral groups of the Commission (SGHRM, ESFRI, SFIC, Knowledge Transfer). In both cases, the national representatives in the above groups are responsible for the promotion of national positions of Cyprus and the transposition of EU policies at the national level. In addition DG EPCD monitors the formation and implementation of Horizon 2020. Further, it has the responsibility to contribute and preparation of the annual report of the national reform program for the 'Europe 2020' as well as preparing the participation of the President of the Republic (as regards R & I) to the European Council and the Council general Affairs.

Under the coordination of activities for the development of research policy, DG EPCD has the responsibility for the conclusion of bilateral agreements on scientific and technological cooperation between Cyprus and other countries. Moreover, it participates in the dialogue in shaping the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation both at policy level and at the level of financial tools. Specifically, DG EPCD has the responsibility of preparing the political representative for his participation in the Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Conference on research, technology and innovation. It also monitors the Euro-Mediterranean political dialogue at lower levels (Monitoring Committee) and the various initiatives (PRIMA, SPRING).

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