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DG EPCD Strategic Plan

In accordance to “The Fiscal Responsibility and Budget System Law” (No. 20(I)/2014) and the new Public Financial Management system, which is being formulated in accordance to the aforementioned Law, contemporary methods for the preparation of the annual Budget are being introduced, with the aim to safeguard fiscal transparency. In this context, the various Ministries are requested to formulate their Budgets in respect to the new procedures, which include the preparation of Strategic Plans and 3-year Activity-based Budgets that will facilitate the implementation of their strategic intentions. This new system also includes the monitoring of the effectiveness of the proposed goals, using pre-determined Key Performance Indicators.

The compilation of the sectoral Strategic Plans and the Activity-based Budgets are prepared according to guidelines set at the central Government level. These guidelines are appendixed to the “Strategy Statement” which is approved by the Council of Ministers and constitutes the basis for the preparation of the Budget and the Medium Term Financial Framework. For more information on the new Growth Framework (Strategy Statement, Strategic Plans and Activity-based Budgets) enter here.

For the process of budget preparation for 2017 all ministries (except the Ministry of Defence) as well as the Treasury of the Republic and DG EPCD, prepared for the second consecutive year Strategic Plan and Activity-based budget alongside with the "traditional" budget.

The revised Strategic Plan of the DG EPCD (available only in Greek) for the Medium -Term Financial Framework 2019-2021 is attached below.

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