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Directorate General Growth, Ministry of Finance

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The Directorate General Growth, Ministry of Finance, is responsible, among others, for the following:

    • Acts as the National Authority for European Structural and Investment Funds (Council of Ministers Decision no. 79.735, dated 17/11/2015)
    • Acts as the National Authority for the implementation of Erasmus + and the European Solidarity Corps (Council of Ministers Decision no. 76.788, dated 23/04/2014 and no. 86.157 dated 13/11/2018 respectively)
    • Designated as the National Contact Point for the implementation of programmes financed by the EEA-Norway and Switzerland Grands (Council of Ministers Decision no. 62.019, dated 23/05/2005)
    • Coordinates the activities and dissemination of information to the citizens in order to secure funding from European Competitive Programs, the European Horizontal Programs and from the countries of the European Economic Area and Switzerland (Council of Ministers Decision no. 75.141, dated 24 May 2013)
    • Prepares in collaboration / coordination with the Ministry of Finance, the Recovery and Resilience Facility plan for Cyprus, which aims to enhance the country’s economic and human resources resilience for economic, social and environmental sustainable long-term development and prosperity (Council of Ministers Decision no 89.919 dated 21/08/2020)
    • Acts, in collaboration with the Department of Environment, as the Coordination Team / Secretariat of the new National Governance System in the context of defining the strategy and the broader policy for the promotion and implementation of the European Green Agreement objectives (Council of Ministers Decision no 90.370 dated 13/11/2020)
    • Participates in the monitoring and implementation of the projects, announced by the President of the Republic of Cyprus / EXANTAS system (Council of Ministers Decision, dated 03/02/2021)

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