Republic of Cyprus
Directorate General Growth, Ministry of Finance

flagship initiatives

1. "Innovation Union" to improve framework conditions and access to funding for research and innovation, in order to ensure that innovative ideas can be transformed into products and services that will create growth and jobs.

2. "Youth on the move" to enhance the performance of education systems and facilitate the entry of young people into labor market.

3. "Digital Agenda for Europe" to accelerate the roll-out of high-speed Internet access services and to benefit from a digital single market for households and businesses.

4. “A resource-efficient Europe to decouple economic growth from resource use, support the transition to a low-carbon economy, increase the use of renewable energy sources, modernize the sector transport and encourage energy efficiency.

5. “An industrial policy for the globalization era to improve the business environment, especially for SMEs, and to support the development of a strong and sustainable industrial base capable of competing globally.

6. "Agenda for new skills and jobs" to modernize labor markets and empower citizens through lifelong skills development, in order to increase labor market participation and match better supply and demand in the labor market, including through the mobility of the workforce.

7. "European Platform against Poverty" to ensure social and territorial cohesion so that the benefits of growth and employment can be broadly spread and people living in poverty and social exclusion can gain the means of dignified living and participate actively in society.

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